Yarn-Wrapped Carrots🥕

Hi friends,

Did you see this cute Farmhouse Bunny from last week’s blog post? Well…he needed a few carrots to nibble on. 🙂 🥕

They take a little time to make, but are super easy. You’ll need some styrofoam cones, yarn, and a hot glue gun. I found my supplies at Hobby Lobby – and don’t forget that ALL of their yarn is 30% off every other week!

Start by making a small circle with the orange yarn. Put a little hot glue in the center top of the cone and attach the yarn.

Then continue wrapping the yarn around the cone, using hot glue to secure it. Be careful not to stretch the yarn too much. I put a thin line of hot glue close to the yarn already on the cone, about an inch or so at a time, and carefully placed the yarn on the glue. Be careful you don’t burn your fingers!

It will take a little time, but be patient and wrap all the way to the bottom, completely covering the cone.

Then take the green yarn and wrap it around your fingers 6 or 8 times. Take another piece of green yarn and tie a knot close to one end of the loops. Cut open the loops at the other end and trim the strands to the length you want. Hot glue the uncut loops to the center top of the carrot.

My styrofoam cones measured 1.8 x 2.7 inches. If you want to make larger carrots, there are several sizes of styrofoam cones to choose from. If you decide to make them larger, you may want to consider getting thicker yarn – otherwise you’ll be wrapping forever! 🙂

These would be so cute in a basket or bowl next to your favorite bunny! Don’t have a bunny? Try making this cute Farmhouse Bunny I made in this post. 🐰

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