Yarn Wrapped Valentine Wreath ❤️

Hi friends,

My front door needed a little sprucing up after taking down the Christmas decorations. I love decorating for different seasons and since Valentine’s Day is coming quickly, it was time for a new wreath. ❤️

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I made this simple Yarn Wrapped Valentine Wreath to add a little love to my front door. I used an 18-inch styrofoam wreath form for my base and Yarn Bee Eternal Bliss yarn in Red to create my wreath. The yarn is a jumbo (7) weight yarn – any super chunky yarn will work great.

I started by simply using a 1.5-inch straight floral pin to secure the end of the yarn to the wreath form. You can’t see the head of the pin because the squishy yarn covers it up! Then just wrap your yarn around the form until you cover it completely. Cut your yarn and secure the end with another pin.

I painted 3 thin wood heart shapes (I picked them up at Hobby Lobby in the seasonal section) with white acrylic paint and dabbed on circles of red acrylic paint with a tiny sponge dauber. I hot glued them to my wreath and then attached a length of 2-inch wide ribbon using the same 1.5-inch straight floral pins for hanging my wreath. I overlapped the edges of the ribbon on the back of the wreath and secured it with 2 pins.

So simple to make and fun to hang on my front door…It just pops off the wood! ❤️

This wreath would be so pretty in a soft pink, too. The styrofoam wreath forms come in several different sizes so you can make the perfect size for your front door.

Happy Crafting! ❤️


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