Clothespin Votive Holder

If you are on Pinterest, you’ve probably seen this cute little clothespin craft. I thought I’d share my Christmas take on it.


All you need is a clean tuna can, some ribbon to go around the can, clothespins (I think I used 20), patterned paper, mod podge, and ribbon to tie around the clothespins.

Simply cut strips of patterned paper the size of the clothespins. I cut all of mine first before glueing them onto the clothespins. Using a foam brush, brush a thin layer of mod podge onto the clothespin. Attach the paper, smoothing out any bubbles. Then brush a thin layer of mod podge over the top. Set them aside to dry – it won’t take long. 

Using a strong white glue that dries clear (I like Crafter’s Pick The Ultimate), brush a thin layer around the outside of the tuna can and attach your ribbon. I used a burlap ribbon. I like to cover the can so the ribbon peeks out instead of the silver can, but you can skip this step if you want.

After the clothespins are dry, simply clip them close together on the can. Then tie a pretty ribbon around them if you’d like. I put a glass votive holder with a candle inside to finish it off. Or add a small plant or a bag of candy…

These make great teacher or neighbor gifts – the kids would have fun attaching the paper to the clothespins. And you can easily change the theme to match any holiday or decor!

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