Spool Ornament

Do you need a quick and easy last minute gift? These little spool ornaments are simple to make and are so cute!


I used unfinished wooden spools from my local craft store and lightly distressed them with brown ink using a sponge. The beads, charms, and ribbon also came from my local craft store. Glue a small piece of ribbon around the spool. Thread a loop of thin twine through the spool leaving long tails at the bottom. Then thread the loop of twine through a bead on the top and tie a small knot so the bead will not come off. On the bottom, thread the tails of the twine through 3 beads and tie a charm at the bottom. Trim the twine close to the knot on the charm. I added a small drop of glue to the knot to help keep it more secure.

Just an FYI – these floss threaders that are actually used for dental work or braces are the best thing for threading beads onto twine, thread, or thin ribbon. Work great for tying buttons, too. I don’t know what I’d do without them!

And there you have it! Cute little ornaments that come together quickly for those last minute gifts…

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2 Responses to Spool Ornament

  1. Patricia Harris (Mom) says:

    those are cute!


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