Ink Pad Storage

On a gloomy, rainy day a few weeks ago, I finally got all of my ink pads under control!! I used these Standard Ink Pad Holders from Stamp-n-Storage. If you are in need of crafty storage, I highly recommend checking this company out. They have great specialized storage solutions for all kinds crafty goodness from papers to punches to inks to embellishments and more. They even make storage solutions that fit perfectly into IKEA shelving if you have that in your craft room.


I got 2 of the Standard Ink Pad Holders and stacked one on top of the other. I also got these Kickstands to lift the ink pad holders 1 1/2-inches off my desk top. This gives you space to slide your paper trimmer or other supplies out of the way while you’re working on your current project.

I chose these ink pad holders because they fit the ink pads from Stampin’ Up, but can also store smaller pads from other manufacturers. And I have room to grow ;).  Stamp-n-Storage has several different options including holders that can also store ink refills and markers. I’m sure you can find something that will work for you. 

I really love the quality of their products and the fact that they are made specifically for craft storage. 🙂

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