Red, White, and Blue Afghan

My youngest goddaughter just graduated from high school – where have the years gone?!?!? Seems like just yesterday she was sitting in my living room playing with my old Barbies. Now she will be heading off to the University of South Alabama in August to study meteorology. So very proud of her!

Since she will be off on her own for the first time, I wanted her to have a little something that she could wrap up in on those cool, late nights of studying to remind her that she is loved. USA’s school colors are red, white, and blue (no surprise there 🙂 ), so I began searching for a crochet pattern that used 3 different colors of yarn.

I’ve had this book, Afghans for All Seasons, for a looong time! The publishing date is 1993!! I was surprised to find that it is still available here on Amazon.


The pattern I used was Fourth of July Fanfare found on page 46. Of course with that name the colors used in the pattern were red, white, and blue – a happy surprise and just perfect for what I was looking for.

Here’s the finished afghan. It’s the perfect size to snuggle up with on a cool, south Alabama fall evening while studying for that next test.


I used Red Heart Soft yarn to make the afghan soft and cuddly. It’s a fun, easy pattern to make and would work well with any of your 3 favorite colors. Or if you live where the Summer evenings get a bit cool, the red, white, and blue would be perfect to snuggle up with while you’re watching the fireworks on the Fourth of July :).

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4 Responses to Red, White, and Blue Afghan

  1. Dana says:

    I think the blanket you made for your granddaughter is beautiful. I made one for my daughter who just started college this year as well. I am trying to find a pattern to make a blanket for my son going to college next year. I think I will try to use this pattern if I can find the instructions.


    • Anita says:

      Thanks Dana! If you click on the link to Amazon in the post, there are several options to order the book the pattern is in for $.01 (1 cent) with $3.99 shipping. It is an old book so you’ll probably only be able to find a used copy. I don’t get anything if you buy it – just wanted to give you the info. Of course there may be a similar free pattern floating around somewhere 😊.


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