Marker Storage

If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you know that I use Copic markers to color my stamped images quite often. I’m not an expert in coloring with them by any stretch of the imagination, but they have become my marker of choice. So many colors to choose from and they blend together beautifully.

As my collection has grown, I needed to find a storage option that could not only store what I have but also leave room for more – because we all know that more colors will find their way into my craft room ;).

I found this great galvanized carry all here on the Target website. One side is divided into 3 compartments.


The other side is one open compartment. Plenty of room to store markers and other coloring mediums – or markers in one side and a project in progress in the other.


Here it is with my Copic markers in the divided side and I put my water color crayon sets on the other side. With plenty of room to grow my collection :).


Happy coloring!!

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