Cherry or Pumpkin?

So which is your favorite pie, cherry or pumpkin? Here’s a sweet way to have both – without all the calories! 🙂

I made these cute pot holders/hot pads for my Mom for her birthday. They work up super quick using worsted weight cotton yarn. I found the free patterns on Pinterest. 

You can find the pattern for the Pumpkin Pie pot holder here… I used pumpkin orange and white cotton worsted weight yarn to make it. By using cotton, the pot holder can withstand the heat!


The pattern for the Cherry Pie pot holder is available here… I used worsted weight cotton yarn in dark red and medium brown to make this yummy pot holder.


A cute way to add some sweetness to your kitchen without the guilt! 😀

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2 Responses to Cherry or Pumpkin?

  1. emilyramos says:

    They are both so cute! I think the cherry is just perfect.


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