Reflections on 2016

It’s 2017 – how did that happen?!?! Time flies by so quickly – 2016 was no exception. It was a year. A year with ups and downs, joys and sadness, life and love. Just like every other year has been, filled with so many people, things, and experiences.

2016 was the first full calendar year since we lost my Dad on June 20, 2015. It’s been a year of adjusting to the new normal. Of going home to visit and not finding him there. Of the first visit from my Mom to our home without him. Of having all the little things I remember about him hitting me out of the blue and causing the tears to flow. I miss him more than I can say. It is said that the cost of love is grief, but I wouldn’t give up the love we shared for anything. This emptiness that I feel in my heart is worth every second I had with him. And I do have great joy remembering all the wonderful memories I have of him!

This year has been filled with so many little moments of joy. Like the little 2 year old who greets me with the biggest smile while saying “Hi Miss Nita” and running to hug my leg – with his almost 7 year old sister close on his heels, not to be outdone in the hug department. And the sweet 4 year old (who I hadn’t seen for a few months) that ran as fast as she could from the car to jump into my arms and give me the biggest hug her little arms could manage. And my Marine godson coming home for a short leave and spending a bit of that time with us. And the sweet friends who have been there to love and encourage me throughout the year. And my husband who is always there – no matter what! And countless other moments…

I was also blessed to cross something off my bucket list by taking a trip to New England in the fall. It was so gorgeous and I’m so glad we took the time to go! We also got to spend an evening on the trip with friends we hadn’t seen in years – so special!


I have the freedom to travel with my husband when he goes to conferences, so I was able to go to Austin with him and make a side trip to Magnolia Market at the Silos. A place I’ve wanted to visit, but wasn’t sure that it would ever work out. Another little joy that I was blessed with!


We’ve done all the normal things of living this year. All those mundane things like cooking, cleaning, laundry, paying the bills, shopping. We’ve also cried, laughed, and loved. We’ve lived another year, made memories, spent time with those we love. It’s been a hard year in some ways and a wonderful year in others. It’s been a year just like yours…

Wishing you a wonderful year in 2017 – filled with love, laughter, and life!

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