Crochet Simple Striped Dishcloths

While perusing Pinterest, I found these fun Simple Striped Dishcloths. They are so cute with the little pop of color, quick to stitch up, and are a great way to use up left over cotton yarn from other projects. You can download the free pattern from Whiskers & Wool here.

I used I Love This Cotton yarn from Hobby Lobby. So far, this is my favorite cotton yarn to work with. It is so soft and comes in tons of colors! I used white for the main color and turquoise, red, and bright green for the stripes.


Crocheted dishcloths make great little gifts. Package them up in a cute basket or tie them with a pretty ribbon. I found this white metal basket at Hobby Lobby and tied it with a striped ribbon…


I love the texture of these dishcloths – they are so pretty! And who doesn’t need a little extra cuteness while washing dishes!!

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