Crochet V-stitch Baby Blanket

This has been my go to pattern whenever I need to crochet a quick baby blanket. It works up very quickly using worsted weight yarn in a simple v-stitch. Any soft yarn works great. I used Lion Brand Pound of Love in Pastel Yellow to make this one. The pattern is in this booklet Crocheted Layettes for Baby from Leisure Arts. It’s a really old booklet and I was happy to see that it is still available from Amazon!! Click the link above if you’re interested in getting your very own copy. 🙂

I changed the border slightly from the pattern. The pattern has a ribbon woven through the border and although it looks pretty, it makes me a little nervous to have something that could easily be pulled out by a sweet baby. So I simply added another row of the 2nd border row listed in the pattern. Here’s a closer picture of what my border looks like.

This is such a fun pattern to work with. And it’s one of those “mindless” patterns, so once you get started you can watch your favorite show on Netflix and just crochet away!!

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