DIY Farmhouse Natural Wood Bead Garland

Have you seen the cute Farmhouse Bead Garlands in all the places that sell farmhouse decor? I’ve seen them in colors from natural to white, black, and all colors in between. Some are distressed and some have tassels. There are lots of different types to choose from – or you can make your own like I did!

All you need are some wood beads and twine and in a few minutes you can make your very own farmhouse wood bead garland.

I decided to keep my garland natural. I found these beads and twine that were just what I had in mind. I wanted to use 2 different sizes of beads to make my garland and this bag included both 20mm and 12mm beads.

I started out by making a tassel for the first end. I wrapped twine around my fingers 20-25 times to get the size I wanted. Then I tied another piece of twine tightly near one end.

Trim the loops at the opposite end and your tassel is ready.

I cut a long piece of twine – about 6 feet – and threaded one end through the loops at the top of my tassel and tied a double knot. I used a crochet hook to help make it easier the get through all of the loops. 


I threaded the other end of my long piece of twine onto a large-eyed needle and started to string the beads onto the twine. I threaded the short end from the knot on the tassel through the first few beads to help secure it. Continue threading beads onto the twine in whatever pattern you like until your garland is the length you want.


When you have your garland the length you want, make another tassel for the other end. I wrapped the twine around my fingers 20-25 times and then threaded the twine from my garland through the top and tied it as close to the last bead as I could. 

Then I took another piece of twine and tied it around the tassel near the top. I trimmed the loops at the bottom to finish the tassel.

And here is my finished garland! I love the way it turned out! My garland is about 57-inches long not including the tassels.

There are so many ways to change this to make it your own. You could paint the beads any color – or buy beads in your favorite color to save time. You could use just one size bead. You could leave off the tassels and put hanging loops on the ends. And of course you can make it any length you want!

This garland is so fun! Should I put it on my mantle, or maybe drape it on an old wooden window in my bedroom, or around a farmhouse pitcher, or maybe a basket? So many possibilities!! 🙂

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  1. Sharon says:

    Very Cute! I miss you!

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