5 Minute Snack Mix

No, really! It will take you longer to run to the store to get your goodies than to mix this up. It’s super simple – and most of you probably already do this, but I was feeling “Fallish” and thought it would be fun to mix up a Fall snack. 🍁🍂

All you need are some m&m’s (I used milk chocolate), candy corn, peanuts, and raisins to mix up this Fall treat.

Then dump everything in a bowl, toss it together, and you have a tasty after school snack!

Of course you can change the flavor of the m&m’s or use the Autumn mix candy corn. Leave out the raisins or peanuts – or use roasted almonds. It’s really just whatever your family will enjoy.

You can also put some of the mix in a jar as a hostess gift or to wish someone a Happy Fall.🍁🍂

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