Bunny Silhouette Canvas

Hi friends,

I shared these Bunny Silhouette Canvases a couple of years ago, but they are so cute that I thought I would share them again! It’s a great, inexpensive project to do with the kids. 🙂

Bunnies bring a little whimsy to spring and Easter. Here’s a fun way to add some cuteness to your Easter decor. All you need are a 5 x 7 white canvas, a little paint, some patterned paper, and a fluffy pom pom for a tail. 


Start by painting the canvas. I found that a foam brush worked well for this. I chose to use light blue and light pink acrylic paint, but use whatever color strikes your fancy! I painted 2 coats, letting the paint dry between coats. I then dry brushed a little cream colored paint onto the canvas to add a little depth. It’s a bit hard to see in the picture, but I think it added a little something to the project. 


I used the largest bunny from the die set by Amuse Studio to cut out my bunnies from patterned paper. Unfortunately, the die set is discontinued 😦 . You can search “printable bunny templates” on Pinterest or Google to find similar patterns (like this one) you can trace onto your patterned paper and cut out by hand. I attached a bunny to each canvas and then glued on a 1-inch pom pom for his fluffy tail. 


Simple, easy, and cute…use your favorite colors and patterns to make some for your home!

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2 Responses to Bunny Silhouette Canvas

  1. I just love this! It’s beyond cute and a great project for all ages and skill levels!


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