Mini Chalk Painted Bud Vases

Hi friends,

I have a fun Dollar Tree craft to share with you today. These Mini Chalk Painted Bud Vases are made from salt and pepper shakers you can pick up from the Dollar Tree – 2 mini vases for a dollar! Such a fun little idea. 🙂

You’ll need some chalky finish paint in your favorite colors. I used Everlasting and Escape from Deco Art to paint my vases. You’ll need some sandpaper for distressing the vases and I also used clear wax to seal the paint. The clear wax is optional, but I like to use it to help protect the paint from chipping.

I painted each salt/pepper shaker with 2 coats of paint, making sure to let them dry well between coats.

Once the 2nd coat of paint is completely dry, lightly sand the paint from some of the raised areas on the shakers. Wipe off any dust. Lightly brush on a thin coat of clear wax, if using, and wipe off any excess with a paper towel. Let dry.

I wrapped some twine around the top of each vase and added a tiny white silk flowers.

You can also use these to hold fresh buds! Just be careful to keep the water inside. 🙂

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3 Responses to Mini Chalk Painted Bud Vases

  1. bssnewellfrontiercom says:

    Anita, these are so pretty! I think this could be a craft project for Hearts and Hands May Day neighborhood project next year. You could even keep the toppers of shakers to put wire button flowers in the vases. Thanks for sharing! Happy Crafting!


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