Farmhouse Buffalo Plaid Pumpkin Plaque

Hi friends,

Do you need a little something extra to add to your Fall decor? This Farmhouse Buffalo Plaid Pumpkin Plaque may be just the thing to fill that space. It’s super easy to make and takes no time at all to put together.

Here are the supplies you’ll need to make the project:

  • A wood plaque – mine is 5 inches by 5-1/2 inches and I found it at Michael’s
  • 3 (3 inch by 2 inch) oval unfinished wood shapes, which I found at Michael’s, too. 
  • A scrap of black buffalo plaid fabric
  • A piece of a black chenille stem for the stem of the pumpkin
  • Mod Podge to attach the fabric to the oval pieces
  • E6000 glue to attach the pieces together and to the plaque
  • White chalk finish paint – I used this one
  • A small piece of natural twine

Trace the oval shape 3 times on the back of the fabric, making sure the pattern is straight, and cut them out.

Using the white chalk finish paint, brush a thin layer onto the plaque, feathering it out on the edges. You don’t want to completely cover the wood, just enough to give it a distressed look.

Using the Mod Podge, brush a thin layer onto each oval shape and smooth the cut fabric pieces onto the shapes. Then brush a thin layer of Mod Podge over the fabric. Trim any excess fabric from the ovals if needed.

Using the E600 glue, glue one oval shape on top of the other 2. Put the 2 bottom ovals close together and glue the 3rd on top, slightly lower to get a pumpkin shape.

Cut a small piece of a black chenille stem and glue it to the back of the pumpkin, bending it slightly for the pumpkin stem. Tie a bow around the stem with a piece of natural twine.

A cute little Farmhouse touch to add to your Fall decor!

Happy Crafting!


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3 Responses to Farmhouse Buffalo Plaid Pumpkin Plaque

  1. Michelle says:

    That’s really cute! I think I have some wood oval shapes. I’ll have to dig them out and make this. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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