Farmhouse Valentine Rag Wreath

Hi friends,

I have a fun Farmhouse Valentine Rag Wreath to share with you today. It’s super easy to make and may even help to relieve a little stress while you’re making it! 😉

You’ll need a wire heart wreath frame and 2 yards of white muslin – you may not need the full 2 yards. I found my wreath frame at my local Dollar Tree – it measures about 12-inches wide. (You can also find the heart wreath here – sadly it’s more than a dollar 😦 )

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Now comes the stress relieving part! Tear the muslin into strips 1 and 1/2-inches wide. The tearing part is so satisfying. 🙂 Then cut pieces 6-inches long from the strips. Fold the 6-inch piece in half and slip under the wire frame. Pull both ends through the loop of the folded piece, wrapping it around the frame and pull tightly.

Continue around each section of the heart frame, pushing the pieces close together as you go. You can see the back and the front of the wreath below.

When you’re finished tying on the strips, turn the wreath to the front side, fluff up the strips, and trim any stray threads.

Even though I’ve called this a Valentine Wreath, you can easily use it in your every day decor.

Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤️


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5 Responses to Farmhouse Valentine Rag Wreath

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  2. Shannon Buchanan says:

    This is adorable! Where did you find the stand?


    • Anita says:

      Thank you! I actually found it at a home store that is no longer in business. But I have seen similar ones at Hobby Lobby sometimes or other home decor stores may have them.


  3. Trudy says:

    What was the width of muslin?


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