Cinnamon Swirled Banana Bread

Hi friends,

If you’re like me, you end up with a few very ripe bananas now and then. I found this recipe for Cinnamon Swirled Banana Bread here – it’s a little different twist on the traditional recipe by adding a swirl of cinnamon. It’s a super easy recipe to follow. I didn’t even pull out my mixer – I just used a whisk to mix up the batter and then poured it into my loaf pan.

By the way, did you know you can freeze very ripe bananas? Just peel them and put them in a freezer bag. I usually put 3 to a bag because that’s what a lot of recipes call for. You can also leave the peel on if you’d like. I just find it easier to peel first because they get quite mushy when you thaw them out.

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Here’s the batter all mixed up and ready for the oven.

And look how pretty it is fresh from the oven…it smells amazing!!

I may or may not have swirled it a little too much. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Still, it tastes so yummy!

You probably have everything you need to make this tasty treat in your kitchen right now!

Happy Baking!


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4 Responses to Cinnamon Swirled Banana Bread

  1. Michelle says:

    Yum! This looks so good! And I actually have some bananas that are getting ready to go bad so I can use them in this!


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