Buffalo Plaid Ribbon Tassel Necklace

Hi friends,

I’ve seen a lot of Ribbon Tassel Necklaces on Pinterest and thought it would be fun to make my own. I went “shopping” in my craft room to see what supplies I already had that I could use.

So here’s my version of a Buffalo Plaid Ribbon Tassel Necklace…

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You’ll need ribbon – I used 4 different ribbons. A split key ring – mine measures just over an inch in diameter. A small jump ring (this set has a variety of sizes) and a necklace chain that will fit through your jump ring. My chain was a premade one measuring about 30 inches that I had picked up at Michael’s. You can also buy chain in bulk on a spool, cut it to your desired length, and add your own jewelry findings to the ends to make your necklace chain.

I cut 2 pieces of the buffalo plaid ribbon, 2 of the black ribbon, and one each of the 2 different white ribbons for a total of 6 ribbons. Each piece measured about 12 inches long. I folded the ribbons in half and slipped the loop through my split key ring. Then I pulled the ends of the ribbon through the loop and pulled it tight.

Next, I attached the jump ring to the split key ring. You could also slide this onto the key ring before you tie the ribbon on – I realized I could do that after I already had my ribbon tied on. 🤦‍♀️

Then simply thread the necklace chain through the jump ring. Finally, trim the ends of your ribbon to your desired length. Super easy to make and so cute!

I made sure the the knot from my ribbons covered up the “split” part of my key ring – you can easily slide the tassel around the ring if you need to.

The sky is the limit when it comes to make these fun necklaces! You can use any ribbons in any colors. You can also use different size key rings and necklace chains. The key rings and chains also come in different colors and finishes – I just found these colorful rings on Amazon and they have the jump ring already attached! And here are some black ones! I need to go shopping. 🙂

Are you thinking of Christmas yet? These would make great gifts! Don’t forget to pin this post to your favorite Pinterest board using the button below so you’ll have it handy when you want to make some of these fun Ribbon Tassel Necklaces.

Happy Crafting!


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4 Responses to Buffalo Plaid Ribbon Tassel Necklace

  1. Ann says:

    Cute idea. I love buffalo plaid


  2. Michelle says:

    This is so pretty!!


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