Crochet Houndstooth Infinity Scarf

Hi friends,

I found the free pattern for this crochet Peppermint Houndstooth Scarf at Crochet For You and thought it would be so cute as an infinity scarf! The original scarf is made in red and white with pom poms on it and it’s so fun! I decided to make my scarf in black and white, but any 2 of your favorite colors would be beautiful!

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I used Yarn Bee Soft & Sleek yarn from Hobby Lobby in white and black with a J/6mm hook to stitch up my scarf. I followed the pattern to start my scarf and continued until it measured about 65-inches long. Then I folded the scarf in half and slip stitched the ends together. I made it long enough so it can be doubled as you wear it. If you want just one layer, you can make your scarf about 30-35 inches and then slip stitch the ends together.

This is how it looks doubled up.

This is the full scarf.

Here’s a closeup of the scarf. I love how each side looks a little different!

This pattern works up quickly and scarves make great Christmas gifts!

Happy Stitching!


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6 Responses to Crochet Houndstooth Infinity Scarf

  1. Kellie says:

    This is beautiful and I love the slight differences in the two sides too 👌❤️


  2. Michelle says:

    This is so pretty!!


  3. ESEEDS says:

    this is amazing


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