Laundry Sign

Hi friends,

I’ve had this idea to make a laundry sign in the back of my mind for a long time and I finally made it! It was super easy to make and adds a little fun to my laundry room. 🧺

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We had this leftover piece of wood from remodeling our house that was the perfect size. It measures about 32-inches long by 7-inches wide. I found my letters at Walmart and they are 5-inches high.

First I had to remove the hang tags from my letters by carefully prying off the staples they were attached with. I’m not sure who decided that was the best way to attach them! 🤷🏼‍♀️

The board was already white, but it needed some sprucing up. I painted it with 2 coats of Deco Art Americana Décor Acrylic Chalky Finish Paint in Everlasting White, making sure to let it dry between coats.

I painted my letters with 2 coats of acrylic craft paint in turquoise. (This is a great set of acrylic paints.) I used sponge brushes to apply my paints.

Once everything was dry, I attached my letters to the board using E6000 clear adhesive. If you don’t have any of this in your craft room, you need to get some! It is so strong and works great to bond materials together – it will even work on glass! A little goes a long way so a tube will last you a long time.

Here’s my finished sign. I love how it turned out!

It was hard to get a good picture of it in my laundry room, but you get the idea. 😊

There are lots of different fonts and sizes of wood letters available at the craft stores. And the word on your sign can be absolutely anything! A child’s name would be so fun, or your family’s last name, or anything else you can think of. 🙂

Happy Crafting!


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