Hello Fall Wood Sign

Hi friends,

Do you ever peruse the Bullseye Dollar Spot at Target? You can find all sorts fun things there for $5.00 or less. This cute wall art set was only $3.00 and I knew it would be a great project to play with.

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First I painted the frame with 2 coats of brown acrylic paint, letting it dry between coats. I painted “hello fall” and the pumpkin stems with dark green paint. I painted the pumpkins orange, yellow, and pool (blue). (This is a great set of paints if you need to resupply your craft room.) After the paint was dry, I brushed antique wax on all the pieces and wiped off the excess with a paper towel.

I trimmed a piece of Fall patterned scrapbook paper to fit into the frame. I applied a thin coat of Mod Podge to the inside of the frame with a foam brush and adhered the paper to the frame.

I used E6000 clear adhesive to attach a burlap leaf I had in my craft stash to the frame. Then I glued “hello fall” over the leaf. Using the same adhesive, I glued 2 of the pumpkins to the frame and then glued the 3rd one on top of the other 2.

I think it turned out so cute! It’s always fun to see what you can do with a little paint and creativity. 🙂 You may not be able to find this exact wall art set, but check out your local craft store – you may be able to find individual pieces to make your own Hello Fall Wood Sign.

I’m not sure where it will end up when I get all my Fall decor out, but I kinda like it on my mantel. 🙂


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2 Responses to Hello Fall Wood Sign

  1. Mom says:

    Nice creative work once again!

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