Wood Heart Carrot

Hi friends,

Hearts aren’t just for Valentine’s Day! I picked up this pallet heart from Hobby Lobby’s Valentine’s Day clearance thinking, that with a little paint and greenery, it might make a cute whimsical carrot to add to my Easter decor. And I think it did! 🥕

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The heart measures about 14-inches long and 14-inches wide at the widest part. First I painted the heart with orange acrylic paint. After it dried, I used a 1-inch spouncer to add white polka dots. Then to add a little depth, I lightly dry brushed some brown paint over the entire heart after the polka dots were completely dry. (This is a great set of acrylic paints if you need to replenish your craft room.)

The heart came with a sawtooth hanger on the back, but I took that off so I could attach the greenery. Using hot glue, I attached a bunch of faux greenery to the back of the heart. Then I hot glued some natural twine to the back for hanging. To finish it off, I hot glued a bow made from various ribbons to the front of the heart.

I love the way it turned out! Something a little different but so fun! 🥕

You can make carrots with just about any size heart – the long skinny ones would be great! A basket filled with small carrot hearts would be so cute along with my Rustic Farmhouse Easter Bunny!


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