Farmhouse Bunny Beaded Plaque

Hi friends,

Looking for something a little different to craft for Easter? This Farmhouse Bunny Beaded Plaque will add a little rustic touch to your Easter decor and it’s super easy to make!

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You’ll need a 10-inch wood circle and 2 wood bunny silhouettes. My wood circle came in a package of 6 from Hobby Lobby. My bunnies are also from Hobby Lobby. They came in a package of 12 along with little white pom poms for the tails. You’ll also need some 1/2-inch split wood beads like these and dark brown and white acrylic paint .

I used a chip brush to apply the brown paint to the wood circle, just sort of brushing it on and not covering the entire circle. You can see what I mean in the photo below. I painted the bunnies with white paint and then lightly dry brushed them with brown paint.

I attached the split wood beads to the wood circle with hot glue. I hot glued the bunnies to the center of the circle and glued on the cute little pom pom tails.

My Farmhouse Bunny Beaded Plaque looks cute with my sweet little ceramic bunnies that I picked up at Target for just $3.00!

This would also look so cute painted up in more traditional Easter colors if that’s more your style. šŸ™‚


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3 Responses to Farmhouse Bunny Beaded Plaque

  1. Mom says:

    Cute idea!


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