Summer Beaded Stretch Bracelets

Hi friends,

I found these beautifully colored glass beads here and they reminded me of pieces of sea glass with their soft muted colors. I thought they would make pretty Summer Beaded Stretch Bracelets paired with dark brown wood beads – so I made some! 🙂

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To make your own Summer Beaded Stretch Bracelets, you’ll need your favorite beads along with Stretch Magic bead and jewelry cord. I used the 1mm size cord to make my bracelets – use any size cord that will work with your beads. You can also use 2 strands of a thinner cord together so in case one of the strands happens to break your beads won’t scatter everywhere!

To make your bracelet, cut a piece of Stretch Magic cord about 10 inches long – or longer if that makes it easier for you to work with. Before stringing any beads, give the cord a good stretch. This will keep your bracelet from over stretching as you wear it. I tie a loose knot at one end to keep my beads from sliding off. Then string your beads in any design you like! I added several brown beads, 3 sea glass beads, and then the same number of brown beads after them. Tie your cord tightly in a knot and trim the excess cord. (Here’s a great tutorial for tying the Stretch Magic into a knot.) Drop a dot of strong clear glue (like E6000 clear adhesive) onto the knot to help secure it. And that’s it!

Need help on deciding the size of your bracelet? This blog post from Jewelry Making Journal is very helpful.

Stretch bracelets are so easy to make and your options are endless with all the bead choices available. There are beads for just about any season or occasion you can think of – what kind of beads will you use to make your Summer Beaded Stretch Bracelets?


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