Jingle Bell Wood Bead Ornaments

Hi friends,

It’s July 1st and that means it’s time for Christmas in July!! 🎄 I have some fun things planned for this month so I hope you’ll follow along with me. And if you don’t want to craft for Christmas just yet, pin my posts to your Pinterest boards for later. 😊

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We’ll start the month off with a fun and easy Jingle Bell Wood Bead ornament. You’ll need some jingle bells (mine are about 3/4 inch), natural wood beads (mine are about 3/4 inch), natural twine, and 1/8 inch ribbon to tie the little bows. You can also change the size of the jingle bells and wood beads to make the ornaments larger or smaller.

Begin by cutting a piece of twine about 14 inches long and thread the jingle bell onto the twine. Then thread both ends of the twine through 3 wood beads.

Tie a knot close to the top bead. I tied 2 knots, overlapping the 1st knot with the 2nd knot so my beads weren’t able to slide on the twine. Leaving a loop for hanging, tie the ends of the twine together. Trim any excess twine.

Using the ribbon, tie a bow just above the top bead and your ornament is finished! Super quick and easy to make.

This would be a fun activity to do with the kids on a hot Summer afternoon. They could make them for all their friends and be ready for Christmas gift giving.

These cute Jingle Bell Wood Bead Ornaments can also be used as package tie-ons. They will add a little jingle-y fun to all your gifts. 😊

I made another fun ornament using wood beads a few years ago in this post. It’s a little snowman and he’s so cute! It’s also a great project to do with the kids. 🎄


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