Tabletop Pumpkin Crate

Hi friends,

Did you pick up any of these little velvet pumpkins at Dollar Tree? I got them a couple of months ago when I shared this post with my Fall finds. I haven’t had a chance to do as much Fall crafting as I had hoped, but I pulled out these cute little pumpkins the other day and made a fun Tabletop Pumpkin Crate to add to my Fall decor.

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The pumpkins had clips glued to the back so I just pulled them off. (I forgot to take a picture.) I had my little square wood crate in my craft stash – I think I got it at Target – but you can find similar crates at craft stores.

I used white paint with a foam brush and painted a light coat on the inside and outside of the crate. I didn’t worry about completely covering the crate because I wanted it to have a more rustic look.

Then I used a stiff-bristled brush to dry brush brown paint onto the crate. A little tip for the stiff-bristled brush…I took a chip brush and trimmed the bristles to about 1-inch long. This makes them stiff enough to use for dry brushing.

I trimmed a piece of floral foam from Dollar Tree and hot glued it to the center of the crate to add some height. Then I hot glued Spanish moss, also from Dollar Tree, around and over the floral foam.

I hot glued the pumpkins into the crate and added a bit more Spanish moss.

The wood “Give Thanks” on the front of my crate came from Dollar Tree, too. It came in a package of 6 different Fall phrases. I painted it with one coat of orange paint and then dry brushed it with brown paint. It’s hot glued onto the crate.

This was a fun little project that probably only took 30 to 45 minutes to make. My crate measures about 6 inches square and about 2.75 inches tall. It’s the perfect size to tuck onto a table or mantel. And most of my supplies came from Dollar Tree so it’s very budget friendly! 😉

I hope this inspires you to look in your craft stash and create something fun!


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