Crochet Blanket Stitch Dishcloth

Hi friends,

The Crochet Blanket Stitch Pattern is great for more than just blankets! It’s a super easy pattern created with single crochet and double crochet stitches that has a great texture. This Crochet Blanket Stitch Dishcloth is the perfect project for learning this fun stitch.

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I stitched up my dishcloths using I Love This Cotton yarn and an H/5mm crochet hook. I used the colors White and Waterlily to stitch up my dishcloths. Waterlily is discontinued but there are several other variegated colors available.

I’ve included my easy pattern for the Crochet Blanket Stitch Dishcloth below along with a link to a free PDF if you want to easily print it.

Crochet Blanket Stitch Dishcloth

I Love This Cotton yarn 

H/5mm crochet hook

Stitches used in US terms:

Chain – ch

Single Crochet – sc

Double Crochet – dc

Slip Stitch – ss

Chain 24

Row 1: work 2 dc in 3rd ch from hook. *skip 2 stitches, work 1 sc and 2dc in next stitch* Repeat from * to * across to last 3 stitches, skip 2 stitches, sc in last stitch. Turn. (7 blocks across)

Row 2: ch 1 (counts as a sc). Work 2 dc in first stitch. *skip 2 stitches, work 1 sc and 2 dc in next stitch* Repeat from * to * across to last 3 stitches. Skip 2 stitches, sc in ch 1 of previous row. (7 blocks across)

Rows 3-15: Repeat Row 2 (13) times. 

Do not turn after last Row. 

Border – Begin working in Rounds

Round 1: ch 1. sc evenly around, working 3 sc in each corner. ss to first sc. 

Round 2: ch 1. sc in each stitch around, working 3 sc in each corner. ss to first sc. 

Fasten off and weave in ends. 

Finished size of dishcloth is approximately 6.5 by 6.5 inches. 

Here’s the link to the free PDF…

You can easily adjust the size of this pattern by simply increasing or decreasing the number of stitches in your beginning chain. Just make sure that your chain is in multiples of 3 and you can make your project any width you’d like. Then repeat Row 2 of the pattern to your desired length.

This is a great project for beginners or seasoned crocheters alike! And because you stitch up these cloths with cotton yarn, they can also make wonderful spa cloths. 😊


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