It’s 165 days until Christmas…

…and we all know how fast that time will fly by!!! I found these plastic candy canes at the after Christmas clearance sale at Michaels last year. I wanted to alter them from the traditional red and white for a more vintage look. I found some great spools of twine, also at Michaels, in natural and turquoise that were perfect for what I had in mind.


I started by putting a strong glue that dries clear (I like Crafter’s Pick) on the bottom of the candy cane. I wound the twine into a tiny circle (no need to cut the twine, you can just continue wrapping from here), glued it to the bottom of the candy cane, and held it there for a couple of minutes to dry. Then I added a little more glue up the sides of the candy cane and just started wrapping the twine tightly around the candy cane. Continue wrapping around the curve to the other end. I added glue on the sides near the end to keep the twine in place. Finish the wrapping by making another tiny circle and glue it in place on the end. Before tying the wrapped candy canes with linen ribbon, I added a drop or two of glue to hold them together. I tied a turquoise button with natural twine and glued it to the center of the bow

. IMG_4373

Attach an ornament hanger to the back and these will look so pretty on your tree. Or maybe fill a cute basket with them. You can also use them individually instead of tying them together. There are so many beautiful colors of twine out there, so pick your favorite colors and start wrapping :).

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2 Responses to It’s 165 days until Christmas…

  1. Amanda says:

    Charlotte and I were looking at the Christmas stuff at hobby lobby yesterday, no shame. We’re so excited for it! These will be a great addition to your wonderful tree this year 🙂


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