My Dad

This is a very personal post. Quite unlike my normal posts. Just sharing my heart. 

My wonderful Dad passed from this earth one month ago today, June 20th. Not a day goes by that I don’t miss him…let me tell you a little about this most amazing man.  IMG_4320

He was a family man: husband, dad, “Pa” to his grand and great grandkids, uncle, brother, and son. He was a friend and Korean War veteran. He was a French Horn player for most of his life, playing in the Michigan City Municipal Band for 52 years! He was a humble man who did so much during his life. You can read more about his life here if you’d like. He never thought he was doing anything special ~ just living his life in the best way he knew how. He loved his wife, family, and country. He made so many sacrifices so we as his family could have everything we needed.

He, along with my Mom, taught us the value of faith, family, and hard work. I remember walks through the cemetery with him where we would make the rounds of the family graves and he would tell me about each person. Family always meant so much to him. He worked hard while we were growing up, but was home for dinner nearly every night. He was always there when we needed him and always had time for us.

I think that maybe I inherited my love of travel from him and my Mom. Every summer we would take a family vacation. Sometimes small, sometimes bigger, but always somewhere to get away from the hustle and bustle of every day life.  We had great times traveling in the old station wagon, fighting over who would sit in the rear facing seat! 

Dad was a proud veteran of the Army Military Police during the Korean War. He served his country well for 18 months and came home to marry the girl waiting for him. That marriage lasted 60 years!

Dad was not one to talk on the phone and would usually find an excuse to hand the phone to Mom after just a few minutes talking with me. Our last phone conversation was just over a week before he died. He told me then, “everything is in order”. It broke my heart. But it also opened the door for me to ask him a question ~ not because I didn’t already know the answer, but because I wanted the comfort of hearing him say it. I asked him if he believed that Jesus died on the cross for him. He unhesitatingly answered “Yes”. Not a surprise to hear his answer ~ he was a man of faith. But what a comfort to me. Because I believe the same, I know that one day I will be together with my Dad in heaven. Dad is there now ~ no more pain, no more suffering. As he would say… “It’s more better”.

I am still heartbroken over losing the very best Dad. But what a blessing to love someone so much that saying goodbye is so very hard.

I can still hear him say “So how’s Anita doing?”…well, Dad, its been so very hard…but little by little, day by day, it’s getting “more better”.

Always in my heart, Dad ~ I love you!


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