5 Minute Fall Centerpiece

Seriously!! This will take 5 minutes ðŸ™‚!

All you need are 3 glass hurricanes, three candles, raffia, and some popcorn kernels. Yes – popcorn kernels. Get the cheapest store brand bag you can find – no sense spending money on the gourmet stuff since you won’t be popping and eating it!! I found my candles at the Dollar Tree, I liked the look of the glass holder, but any pillar candle will work.

Put your candle in the middle of the hurricane, pour some popcorn kernels around it, and then tie the raffia around the hurricane. That’s it!! Told you it will only take 5 minutes 😉. Such a simple way to add a touch of Fall to your table.


I have used these glass hurricanes all year to decorate my dining room table. You can find those posts here, here, and here.

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