Mini Chalk-Painted Pumpkins

I wanted some white and turquoise mini pumpkins to fill up a lantern I have, but I couldn’t find any… So what do you do??? You paint your own! 🙂

I found these little pumpkin picks at my local Hobby Lobby (40% off, of course!). They are about 3-4 inches in diameter. Obviously not the colors I was looking for…


I cut the picks off of the bottom and got out my chalk finish paints in white, turquoise, and brown. I painted 7 of the pumpkins white and 3 turquoise. All the stems are painted brown. I painted 2 coats of each color, making sure to let them dry thoroughly between coats – if it’s not dry, you will just rub off the previous coat (trust me 😉). Then I brushed on a light coat of clear wax. If you would like a more antiqued/distressed look, use antique wax and immediately wipe off the excess.

Here are my painted pumpkins…


And here they are stacked in my lantern…


It’s beginning to look a little like Fall around here!

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