Candy Corn Decorations

One of the things I love about the Fall season is candy corn – either the real candy or fun decorations made to look like the candy.

I was inspired by this pin I found on Pinterest to make my own Candy Corn Decorations. I started with styrofoam cones that you can pick up at your local craft store. The small ones came in a package of 2.


I used cotton yarn in orange, yellow, and white to wrap the cones.


I started with the yellow yarn about 1/3 of the way up the cone. I wrapped the yarn around the end and continued wrapping in one layer until the bottom of the cone. When I got near the bottom, I spread thick white glue on the cone (I used Crafter’s Pick The Ultimate) before wrapping the last couple of rows to hold the yarn in place. Don’t cut the yarn yet! Continue wrapping the yarn haphazardly back up the cone so it doesn’t look so perfect. When you get to the top of the yellow section, cut the yarn and use a yarn needle to tuck the end under the wrapped section.


Wrap the orange yarn in the same way as the yellow. To wrap the white yarn, I spread glue on the top of the cone. Then I wrapped the yarn beginning in the center of the top, making a tight circle until I got to the edges. I continued to wrap in the same way as the yellow and orange.

And here they are all finished!


These were really fun and easy to make! I think I need to go to the store for the real thing now…

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