Fall Wreath

I love having a seasonal wreath on my front door. But now, after painting my pantry door, I love having a wreath on that door as well. This is a fun and simple wreath to add a little Fall to my kitchen.


It’s made with a styrofoam wreath form, burlap ribbon, leaf stems, and a pumpkin. Simply secure the ribbon with a couple of straight pins on the back of the wreath. Then wrap the ribbon around the wreath, overlapping the edges. When finished wrapping, secure the end of the ribbon with more straight pins. Using the tip of your scissors, start a small hole where you want to attach your leaf stems. Push the ends of the stems into the wreath. My pumpkin also had a stem on it so I attached it in the same way. You can also use a little hot glue to attach the pumpkin. I added contrasting ribbon attached with straight pins to hang my wreath.

Fast, easy, and pretty – a perfect little touch of Fall for any door in your home! 🍁🍂

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