Crochet Chevron Baby Blanket

I so love crocheting blankets for new little babies. It’s so fun to pick out the pattern and colors I’m going to use each time. This one is for a sweet little boy that will be here soon. 

I fell in love with this pattern by Leelee Knits as soon as I saw it. I love the soft waves of the chevron pattern – so different from the normal chevron pattern. I followed the pattern to get started, but changed the stripe sequence and added more rows to make it more of a square. My finished blanket ended up to be about 36 by 39 inches.


I used Caron Simply Soft yarn in Grey Heather, Soft Blue, and White with an H hook. I started with the blue and crocheted 9 rows. Then I continued with 9 rows of each color. The color order I used was blue, white, grey, blue, grey, white, blue for a total of 63 rows. Then I crocheted a border of 3 rows of single crochet in grey.


I love the way this turned out! It’s big enough to cover a car seat or to lay on the floor for tummy time. I hope the new mommy likes it, too. 🙂

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8 Responses to Crochet Chevron Baby Blanket

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  3. Lynn Tolbert says:

    I love your blanket. I was wondering how many starting chains did you use? Was the finished blanket larger than the pattern because you used the Simply Soft yarn? Thanks for sharing.


    • Anita says:

      Hi Lynn, thank you so much! I followed the pattern by chaining 139 to start and I did use an H/5mm hook. My blanket ended up measuring about 36 by 39 inches including the border I added. I crocheted a total of 63 rows before adding the border. The pattern had a total of 48 rows. So I think the difference in size is because I added 15 rows and then the 3 rows of single crochet for the border. I don’t think the Simply Soft yarn made too much of a difference in the size. Hope this helps!


  4. Devon says:

    how many skeins of each colour did you use?


  5. Danielle Arnold says:

    I like your pattern. It looks different from the original pattern. Could you give me the sequence of it? I am not skilled enough to figure it out on my own.


    • Anita says:

      Thank you! I followed the pattern that I linked to in the post except I added more rows and a border. I crocheted a total of 63 rows. The order of colors I used is listed above in my post. Then I crocheted a round of single crochet evenly around the entire blanket – I’m not sure how many stitches – with 3 single crochet in each corner. Then I added 2 more rounds of single crochet with 3 single crochet in each corner. I hope this helps!


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