Easy Blocks Baby Blanket

Seems like I am always crocheting a baby blanket. šŸ˜Š So it’s fun to find new patterns to work with.Ā 

I made this one using this pattern from Lacy Crochet (lacycrochet.blogspot.com). It’s simply a coincidence that the blanket in the pattern is pink and so is mine! I had some pink worsted weight baby yarn in my stash and decided to use it before I chose the pattern to use. šŸ˜Š

My blanket ended up with different dimensions than the one in the pattern. I used an H hook, but since I tend to crochet loosely, I ended up with a width of about 35 inches without the border. (The finished size of the blanket in the pattern in 40 x 31) So I decided to make my blanket square. I still followed the pattern, but stopped when my blanket measured 35 x 35 and then adddd the border according to the pattern directions.Ā 

It turned out so pretty!! And the pattern is one of those that once you get started, it’s easy to crochet while watching your favorite movie.Ā 

This blanket is going into my closet for the next sweet baby girl who enters our lives. šŸ’•

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