A Few Days in the PNW

We were able to take a short visit to the Pacific Northwest, specifically Portland, OR and Bellingham, WA, in early April. I know there is so much more to see than we were able to in our short time, but here are a couple of highlights of the trip.

I visited the Tom McCall Waterfront Park in Portland, OR. It is a beautiful park on the banks of the Willamette River. It was a gorgeous sunny day – perfect for taking a stroll and enjoying the cherry blossom trees in full bloom.


A couple of the sites around downtown Portland…

We headed north to Bellingham, WA to spend a little time with some precious friends – family really! 🙂


Bellingham is so beautiful and we had so much fun! This is the Fairhaven Village Inn where we stayed during our visit. It was a great place – I highly recommend staying here if you ever find yourself in Bellingham…

So many fun and beautiful places in and near Bellingham…

Boulevard Park at sunset

Samish Overlook

And of course, these 2 little cuties and their parents were the best part of the trip!

We ate some wonderful food, had some great time with our friends, and only wish we could have stayed longer!! I’m sure we will find ourselves in that part of the country again…still so much to explore!!

Until next time…


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2 Responses to A Few Days in the PNW

  1. mom says:

    Beautiful photos. You are so fortunate to be able to make that trip.

    Liked by 1 person

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