Summer Sunset – Michigan City, IN

Michigan City, IN…It’s where I grew up. Located on the southern tip of Lake Michigan, it has one of the best beaches for just hanging out or for watching some of the most beautiful sunsets. I have to admit that now that I live in another state, I miss those Summer sunsets more than I thought I would. (Although I don’t miss the Winter cold and snow! 😉 ) So when I get the chance to enjoy a warm Summer evening at the beach, it’s a special treat!

A few weeks ago, we found ourselves in Indiana and of course made a trip to the beach for a walk on the pier as the sun was beginning to set. Here are just a few pictures I snapped of the beach and the sunset.

If you ever find yourself near my little hometown of Michigan City, IN, I hope you’ll have a chance to take in one of our beautiful sunsets! 🌅

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