Farmhouse Bunny

Hi friends,

I have a sweet little bunny to share with you today! 🐰 He’s super simple to make and will add a touch of whimsey to your Easter decor.

You’ll need an unfinished wood bunny, some fabric, Mod Podge, some ribbon, twine, and a pompom for the tail. You may also want some white chalky finish or acrylic paint for painting the edges and back.

I found the unfinished wood bunny at Hobby Lobby where I also found the small buffalo plaid fabric. Of course, you can pick up all the other supplies you’ll need at Hobby Lobby as well – that is if you don’t already have them in your craft room! 😉

First, I traced the bunny onto the back of my fabric and cut it out. Then I painted the edges and back of the bunny with one coat of chalky finish white paint. I didn’t worry about making it perfect – I just didn’t want the bare wood to show completely. This is totally optional. Then I brushed a thin coat of Mod Podge onto the front of the bunny and smoothed the fabric onto it, making sure to remove any bubbles or puckers.

The bow is super easy to make. Simply cut two pieces of each ribbon you are using and lay them in an “x” over a length of twine.

Then tie the twine tightly around your ribbon.

Trim your ribbon so your bow is the size you want and hot glue to your bunny. Add a 1.5-inch pompom to the bunny with hot glue.

This is a very quick and easy project and I just love the way it turned out! I may even keep this Farmhouse Bunny out all year long! 🐰

Happy crafting!


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