Faux Leather Handmade Jewelry

Hi friends,

Have you seen all the faux leather earrings everywhere lately? They are so cute and the possibilities are endless!!

Taylored Expressions has made it so easy to make your own creations using their Designer Dangles dies. They have several die sets and craft leather sheets to mix and match so you can make jewelry to match all your outfits. 🙂 I’ve made a few pairs of earrings, some with matching pendants, and I’m am hooked! I will be making more…

You will need a die cutting machine if you don’t already have one. I used my Cuttlebug machine to cut all my earrings. This little machine is great – I use it all the time!

You can also find jump rings and earring wires at Taylored Expressions. I picked up my chains for the necklaces at my local craft store in the jewelry department.

The earrings below are made using the Designer Dangles die set and Designer Dangles Shape Shifter set. I used Craft Leather Metallic Basics for the silver pair and a woven craft leather (it seems to be unavailable now 😦 ) for the brown earrings. For the silver earrings, I die cut 2 of the teardrop shapes for each earring and glued them back to back. I also cut 1 each of the leaf shape for each earring and layered it on top of the teardrop. I attached 2 jump rings to each earring and then attached the earring wires. The brown earrings are even easier – simply die cut the shapes and attach the earring wires. So simple!!

The earring and pendant set below are made using the Designer Dangles die set and the Designer Dangles The Bigger The Better die set. I used Craft leather in Colorful, Black & White, and Metallic Basics – all from Taylored Expressions. I layered 3 different colors and attached earring wires for the earrings and a jump ring with a chain for the pendant necklace. The largest teardrop shape is about 2 1/2-inches long – I think it’s the perfect size for a pendant.

This set is made with the Designer Dangles die set and the the Designer Dangles The Bigger The Better die set. I used Craft Leather in Colorful and Metallic Basics.

I really love the way this last set turned out! I used the Designer Dangles die set and the Designer Dangles The Bigger The Better die set along with Craft Leather in Metallic Basics and Burnished.

This jewelry is incredibly light to wear and so easy to make! You can find videos from Taylored Expressions over on their YouTube channel for how-tos and inspiration.

Happy Crafting!


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