Cauliflower Chicken Fried “Rice”

Hi friends,

It can be difficult to eat lower carb and add more veggies into your diet – and try to keep the calorie count under control! Pinterest is a great place to search for new recipes to add into your rotation. I found the recipe for this Cauliflower Chicken Fried “Rice” here at That Low Carb Life during one of my searches.

It’s super easy to make! I used frozen riced cauliflower from the grocery store to save time, but of course you can make your own “rice” from fresh cauliflower. If you cook your chicken ahead of time, you can literally have this on the table in less than 15 minutes!

The cauliflower works great in place of traditional rice – lowers the carbs and adds veggies! It’s easy to adjust the soy sauce, chili paste and other seasonings to taste – just add more or less to suit your palate.

Next time I make this, I think I will add some frozen peas and maybe a little dice carrot…

Happy eating!


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