Hello Rag Wreath

Hi friends,

Did you see the Patriotic Rag Wreath I made in this post? It was so fun and easy I decided to make another one! This time I added a chipboard “hello” that I found at Hobby Lobby.

My fabric also came from Hobby Lobby. I bought 1 yard of the white and 1/2 yard of each of the blues. It’s simple cotton fabric – you’ll need a total of 2 yards in your favorite colors. My wire wreath form measures 14-inches and I picked it up at the Dollar Tree.

First, wash, dry, and iron (I know – my least favorite part šŸ˜) your fabric. Then tear the fabric into strips measuring 2-inches by 7- inches. Just snip the edge of the fabric and tear. To tie the fabric strips onto the wreath form, fold the strip in half and insert it from front to back – beginning with the inner ring. Then, wrapping the ends around the wire, pull them through the loop of the strip and pull tight.

Continue tying the strips around all 4 rings of the wreath, pushing them close together in each section. I alternated white with each of the blues for my wreath. I used 180 fabric strips – 6 on each section of the inner ring, 7 on each section of the next ring, 8 on each section of the next ring, and 9 on each section of the outer ring.

I painted my chipboard “hello” with navy acrylic paint and then dry brushed it generously with white acrylic paint. I used monofilament cord to tie my “hello” onto the wreath – if you look closely, you can see it at the top of the “h” and the bottom of the “o”. Then fluff up your wreath and hang it on the front door!

I made this wreath as a housewarming gift for my Mom as she moves into her new condo. Any color combo would be great along with other chipboard words like “welcome” or “blessed”.

Thanks for stopping by,


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