Patriotic Rag Wreath

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I recently saw this post on Pinterest and thought it would be fun to make a rag wreath to match the Patriotic Rag Balls I made in this post since I had fabric leftover. I did have to buy another fabric bundle from Hobby Lobby to have enough to complete the wreath. I used one full bundle and about half of another one.

My wire wreath form came from the Dollar Tree and is 14-inches in diameter.

First you’ll need to wash, dry, and iron your fabric. Next you will need to tear it into strips. My strips were 2-inches wide by 7-inches long. Simply snip the edge of the fabric and then tear. It will tear easily and straight.

You will need a lot of strips! I ended up using 180 strips – 6 on each section of the inner ring, 7 on each section of the next ring, 8 on each section of the next ring, and 9 on each section of the outer ring.

To tie the fabric strips onto the wreath form, fold the strip in half and insert it from front to back – beginning with the inner ring. Then, wrapping the ends around the wire, pull them through the loop of the strip and pull tight.

Continue adding strips of fabric until you have covered the entire wreath form. I just tied them on randomly without any specific order.

When finished, fluff up your fabric and you have a fun Patriotic Rag Wreath for your front door!

Of course you can use fabric for any holiday or something to match your everyday decor…the possibilities are endless! And the fabric tearing step is a great stress reliever!! 😉

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