Letter Board Garland

Hi friends,

Do you have a letter board? My friend got me one for my birthday a couple of years ago and it’s so fun to change the quote for the seasons, holidays, or just everyday. This is the one she gave me – the felt background comes in several different colors to match your decor.

I thought it might be fun to add a little something to the board, but I didn’t want it to be permanent. This garland is a fun, easy way to “dress up” my board when the mood strikes me 🙂

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You’ll need some 1-inch unfinished wood beads, 1-inch white pom poms, cotton twine, and small clear Command hooks.

First attach the Command hooks to the top corners of the back of your board. Be sure to attach them upside down. You will be tying the garland around the hooks and you don’t want it to slip off!

Then simply string the beads and pom poms onto the cotton twine using a tapestry needle, leaving a tail at the beginning. Be sure to go through the center of each pom pom. Leave a tail at the end. The pom poms will not slide easily, so if you begin and end with a pom pom there is no need to tie a knot at the ends.

Tie the ends around the hooks, letting the garland drape across the front of the board. Trim off any excess twine.

Here’s how it will look from the front…

And here’s my board all dressed up for Spring! You can find all the info about my cute Rustic Farmhouse Easter Bunny in this post.

There are lots of fun letter and word sets to choose from so you can change up your quotes and sayings any way you like. There are also different sizes of boards to fit your space.

It’s super easy to slip the garland off the hooks whenever you want. You can also make several garlands with different color beads or pom poms for each season. So many possibilities…

Happy Crafting!


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