No Sew Christmas Pillow

Hi friends,

Sewing is not one of my talents – but I can use a glue gun! 🙂 This is a super easy way to make a No Sew Christmas Pillow to add to your seasonal decor.

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You’ll need a tea towel, the cotton/linen type fabric not terry cloth. I found my towel at Target, it is 30-inches square. You’ll also need a glue gun with glue sticks made for fabric. I like this Surebonder Glue Gun it has a very fine tip along with an on/off switch. (I decided to keep this glue gun specifically for the fabric glue so I don’t mix glue types.) The glue sticks I used are also from Surebonder. They are specially made for glueing fabric, although they are white not clear so make sure you don’t get glue in the wrong place! 😉 You’ll also need Polyfil to stuff your pillow.

I washed, dried, and ironed my towel. I folded it in half so my finished pillow measured 30 by 15 inches. Then I simply ran a line of glue along the edge securing a few inches at a time, leaving one end open to add the Polyfil. After I had the pillow stuffed the way I wanted, I glued the open end closed.

Here’s how 3 of the edges of the pillow look where they have been glued together. The bottom of the pillow is where my towel is folded in half.

This is my completed pillow – even though I found my towel in the Christmas section it could easily be used year round.

This easy pillow adds a little extra Christmas cheer to my decor. 🎄

There are lots of different, fun Christmas towels available. Some of them measure about 15 by 30 inches so folded in half would make a pillow about 15 inch square instead of a rectangle like mine.

No sew pillows are so quick and easy to make. They are a great thrifty gift idea, too! 🎁

Happy Crafting!


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  1. Michelle says:

    I love this idea!

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