Chunky Polka Dot Wood Stars

Hi friends,

I promised in this post that I would be sharing all the info on my Chunky Polka Dot Wood Stars…you can find the details on these fun stars below!

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I found my chunky wood stars in the craft section at Dollar Tree. The stars measure about 4.5 by 4.5 inches and are 3/4 inch thick. Dollar Tree has really stepped up their craft section – but if you see something you think you might want to use in future projects be sure and snap it up because things go fast!

You’ll need red, white, and blue acrylic paint (this is a great set), a paint brush, and a 3/4″ (or smaller) spouncer for making your polka dots. I like this set of spouncers because it has several different sizes to use on all your polka dot projects.

I removed the twine hanger from my stars and painted one star blue and one red. I used a chip brush to apply my paint, but a foam brush would work, too. I painted the stars with 2 coats, letting it dry completely between coats.

Then using my spouncer, I randomly applied polka dots with white paint. I did this on both sides of my star because they will be used on my tiered tray. If you want to hang them, you can tie the twine hanger back on. I just made sure that the hole is at the bottom of the star on my tray so it’s not so noticeable. You could also cover up the hole by tying the twine (or a ribbon) into a bow and glueing it onto the star.

Here they are on my tiered tray. I love how they turned out! 🇺🇸

The details on my Americana Wood Blocks is here. The info for my Mini Patriotic Rolling Pins is in this post and you can find my post about the Patriotic Mini Pallet here.

Decorating my tiered tray for July 4th has been so fun! What will you put on your tray?

Happy Crafting!


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