Americana USA Wood Blocks

Hi friends,

Last year I made these cute Americana Wood Blocks to add to my patriotic decor. I thought it would be fun to add some USA blocks this year. They are super quick and easy to make!

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Here’s what you’ll need…

Apply 2 coats of paint to your blocks – one block each of red, white, and blue – letting the paint dry between coats. Paint your “U” white, your “S” blue, and your “A” red. Once the paint is dry, dry brush your blocks and letters with brown paint to give them a vintage look.

Using E600 clear adhesive or another strong glue, glue your letters to the blocks – the “U” to the red block, the “S” to the white block, and the “A” to the blue block.

Next I glued my blocks together, slightly offsetting them. This step is totally optional – you may not want to glue them together. 🙂 You can either stack them like I did or put them side by side.

I added them to my tired tray along with my other fun patriotic decor. 🇺🇸

If you are interested, you can find the info for my Chunky Polka Dot Wood Stars here, my Mini Patriotic Rolling Pins here, and my Patriotic Mini Pallet here.

Happy Crafting!


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