Polka Dot Christmas Stocking Ornaments

Hi friends,

Christmas in July continues with these adorable Polka Dot Christmas Stocking Ornaments. 🎄

I picked up these cute wood stocking ornaments at Dollar Tree last year. They came in a package of 5 – so just 20 cents each! Such a deal!

Dollar Tree usually starts filling their shelves with Christmas craft goodies around September. You’ll need to grab what you want quickly as they always sell out so fast! I have a plastic bin where I store my Christmas crafting supplies that I haven’t used so that 6 months later when I want to start crafting again I won’t forget what I bought. 😉

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To make these cute Polka Dot Christmas Stocking Ornaments you’ll need red, green, and white acrylic paint (this is a great set to have on hand) and a foam brush or paint brush. You’ll also need a foam spouncer to add the polka dots.

Paint the bottom of the stocking either red or green. I used a foam brush and painted both sides with 2 coats, letting it dry between coats. Then paint the cuff on both sides with 2 coats of white paint.

After the paint is dry, use your foam spouncer to apply white paint to randomly make the polka dots. I did this on both sides of my ornaments so it won’t matter which way they hang.

I finished my ornaments by using a foam brush to apply a thin coat of Matte Mod Podge on each side to seal them and add just a touch of shine. Make sure to let the first side dry completely before turning them over to do the other side.

The ornaments came with twine that you can use for hanging or you can use red and white baker’s twine like I did.

I think they turned out so fun and whimsical! They will look so cute on your tree or make a great package tie on. 🎁 You can also personalize them by putting a name on the cuff.

Happy Crafting! 🎄


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