Farmhouse Wood Christmas Tree

Hi friends,

Have you seen these unfinished wood pallet Christmas trees from Hobby Lobby? They’ve had them for at least a couple of years and I finally brought one home to play with. 😊

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The tree measures about 15-inches tall – a great size for your tabletop or mantle. I had some of these 1/2-inch split wood balls (I got them here) and thought they would match well with my Christmas tree to get a cute farmhouse look.

The first thing I did was glue the split wood balls around the edge of the tree. I used Alene’s Tacky Glue and left a little space at the top to add a 3-inch wood star (similar to these).

Then, using a chip brush, I painted the entire tree with white chalky finish paint. I painted 2 coats, letting it dry between coats. I didn’t worry about the paint not completely covering the area around the split wood balls – a little bare wood showing through just adds to the charm!

After the white paint was completely dry, I dry brushed gray paint over the entire tree to give it some dimension and the farmhouse look. I used a chip brush, with the bristles trimmed to about 1-inch long so the brush is stiff, to apply the gray paint. You can use either chalky finish or acrylic paint for this step.

I love the way it turned out! It will be such a fun addition to my Christmas decor…Is it too early to start decorating??? 🎄


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