Crochet Star(Fish) Dishcloths

Hi friends,

I found this Crochet Star Dishcloth pattern on Pinterest and really liked the texture it has. It also reminded me of a starfish – probably because I love the beach so much. 😉 It made me think of the starfish we saw while we were visiting Bar Harbor, Maine a few years ago. It was low tide and this little guy was hanging out in just a few inches of water waiting for the tide to roll back in. I shared about our trip to New England in the Fall of 2016 here – it is high on my list of favorite vacations!

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I chose to make my Star Dishcloths in beachy colors since I was thinking of starfish 😉 , but of course you can make them any color. I used I Love This Cotton yarn in White, Aqua, and Taupe with an H/5mm hook to stitch up my dishcloths. They work up quickly and are really fun to make!

Since they are made with cotton yarn, they can also be used as spa cloths. I think they would make a whimsical and fun hostess gift for a friend who lives near the ocean, maybe with some cute seashell soaps. Or make them in Christmas colors and get a head start on your gift making. What color will you make yours?


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9 Responses to Crochet Star(Fish) Dishcloths

  1. knittingjane says:

    They are too pretty to be used as dishcloths 😉


  2. Kimberly Miller says:

    They are beautiful. I would love to make these for my new daughter-in-law but both links won’t open up. Thanks for any help. ❤️


  3. These are beautiful! I would love to make these for my daughter- in -law but can not access the pattern..dead end. Thanks for any help


    • Kimberly Miller says:

      It has been a month and a half and I still can’t open up the starfish pattern. I don’t know if my phone / Norton is blocking it for some reason. Is there a way to email the written version to me? It is beautiful! I try almost everyday to open it with no luck….Thank you very much!


    • Anita says:

      I’m not sure why you aren’t able to open the link. It’s not my pattern so I don’t have a written version to send you. If you can go on your browser and enter, then enter Star Washcloth in the search bar, it should bring the pattern up on the Crochet Dreamz website. I hope this helps.


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